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Welcome to the ICYCW Congress Blog

The Young Christian Worker Movement in England and Wales is hosting an International Congress for YCW leaders from around the world. As Olympic athletes gather from around the world in August, young leaders will gather in England from 50 countries (as diverse as Hungary, Burkina Faso, Dominican Republic, Palestine and China), to live out the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence in worldwide solidarity.

It will be yet another ICYCW Congress that will change lives of young people in the countries from which they will come!

It happened to Augustine in 2000, then aged 18, attended the 5th International Congress. The two weeks changed his life. At the Congress he met other young leaders from across the world, returned to Uganda and started to re-build the YCW. There are now 800 young YCW leaders there. Augustine explains “At the International Congress I learned the YCW method of reflection and action. Inspired by the people I met I was able to inspire other young people at home in Uganda to become part of the YCW. Together, rooted in our faith, we’ve been able to change the lives of so many young people.” YCW projects in Uganda include supporting former child soldiers and orphans of war, providing refugees with life’s essential, working with those living with HIV/AIDS, setting up training for the unemployed.

The Congress is a leadership training programme, which will:

Help build worldwide awareness and solidarity based on Gospel values

Provide practical means for young people to become Christian leaders in their life and in society;

Draw up concrete plans by committed young people to personal, national and international action.

Through this website we hope to spread the awareness of the International Co-ordination of Young Christian Workers remind young christian members of the value of their movement and encourage other young people, parishes, local groups, to start YCW groups and aspire to be in a similar congress in the future!